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Re: 16th May Erlang User Group Meeeting

Hi Annabel Thanks for your prompt reply & looking into to it. Just thought it would be a topic that would interest many people, already had one direct reply
James Churchman
Apr 25, 2012

Re: 16th May Erlang User Group Meeeting

Hi James Thanks for getting in touch - I love ideas and suggestions! I am going to make some inquiries and will let you know either way as soon as I can. Any
Apr 24, 2012

Re: Join our Erlang User Group on Meet Up!

Hi Annabel & Everyone The previous ELUG talk on the internals of the Erlang Virtual Machine by Robert Virding sounded fascinating tho for me it clashed with
James Churchman
Apr 24, 2012

Join our Erlang User Group on Meet Up!

Hi All This is just to let you know that we have a great Erlang User Group set up on Meetup which doesnt suffer from the dreaded spam! Do join if you want to
Apr 24, 2012
Dale Harvey
Apr 23, 2012

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Apr 23, 2012

Re: WANTED People To Work From Home ::

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Apr 23, 2012

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Apr 19, 2012

Re: 8 March London Erlang User Group Meeting

... Hi Jodie, great to hear they will be more regular I don't have any offices personally, but i am sure that many other do! probably just need to be more
James Churchman
Mar 8, 2012

London Erlang User Group Meeting, 8/3/2012, 18:30

Reminder from: erlang-london Yahoo! Group http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/erlang-london/cal London Erlang User Group Meeting Thursday 8 March 2012 18:30 -
Mar 7, 2012
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