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Wrangler Tutorial (London User Group Talk) , 10/9/2009, 18:00

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    Reminder from: erlang-london Yahoo! Group http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/erlang-london/cal Wrangler Tutorial (London User Group Talk) Thursday 10 September
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      Reminder from: erlang-london Yahoo! Group
      Title: Wrangler Tutorial (London User Group Talk)
      Date: Thursday 10 September 2009
      Time: 18:00 - 20:00
      Location: 29 London Fruit & Wool Exchange Brushfield Street
      Notes: Wrangler is an interactive refactoring tool for Erlang, integrated into both Emacs and Eclipse. Wrangler's refactorings cover structural changes such as function, variable and module renaming, function extraction and generalisation. Wrangler recognises macros in code, and can be used in a single file or across a whole project. Wrangler can also be used to locate and remove code clones, and we're working on locating similar code fragments.

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