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71448Re: Online Fellwalking Club - The O.F.C. Yet more wildlife in the great outdoors

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  • Roger and Ann Hiley
    Aug 9, 2017
      Hi Dave,
      Totally mesmerised by this recent set of photos. Simply wonderful to see you Kingfisher shots and all in a natural, undisturbed habitat.  They really are glorious photos.
      Your barn owls were stunning photos too. What a shame that on one of your visits they were disturbed by people out shooting rabbits. I hate it when I hear any shooting going on here, it turns my stomach. Life is precious and all animals should be given a chance to live it without being blasted off the planet. We are inundated with rabbits here, and if we had cared to ( definitely NOT !) we could have lived off ‘rabbit stew’ this summer. As it is the rabbits have lived off our vegetables and flowers, and our gentle dogs never chase them even when sitting out in the garden at the same time. Roger, the gardener in the family has been frustrated with the rabbits but wouldn’t dream of shooting them.
      Nature can be cruel, by design and necessity. Man is cruel by choice. Your delightful bulletins lighten my spirits as they show a glimpse into the lives of our beautiful wildlife, which you obtain an insight into by stealth, knowledge and infinite patience.
      Thank you Dave.
      Ann x
      Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017 9:08 PM
      Subject: Online Fellwalking Club - The O.F.C. Yet more wildlife in the great outdoors

      Hi all,
      No peregrines in my latest update but the good news is the three fledged youngsters were looking good and healthy and spending increasingly longer times away from Malham Cove, that is the natural progression towards their independence so it islooking good.
      Anyway, some barn owls, kingfishers and other beautiful wildlife for you in my latest update :-
      Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the fells and hills between the summer showers!
      All the best
      Dave D

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