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71595RE: Online Fellwalking Club - The O.F.C. Schneeberg on a bright autumnal day

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    3 Oct
      Hi Helmut

      Your pictures of the snow cornices close to the summits are a reminder of how small some of our biggest mountians are compared to those you get to walk on. Lovely shots of the inversion and the mist covered mountians.

      I think if I’d walked that high and was able to get a lift back down on a train I might well do so, seems like a good idea to me, certainly better for my knees than too much descent.

      All the best


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      Subject: Online Fellwalking Club - The O.F.C. Schneeberg on a bright autumnal day

      Hi all,

      After a busy time before and after a holiday week in Sardinia (pictures to follow), I got the invitation of my neighbour and friend Mario to a walk on Schneeberg. So, on Thursday, we had an early start and a long way up, follwed by lunch in the summit hut and a train journey down. It was the first sunny day after weeks of rain and coldness, with new snow in the summit region, still with some mist, which however turned out to deliver lovely views. A great day out, and this time Lucy joined me in a rather long walk - and she tackled it competently. See the pictures at


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