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319The Blueprint

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  • Will
    Jan 14, 2012


      I am pleased to announce that my new teen novel The Blueprint is due to be published. If you pre-order a signed copy, you will receive a signed postcard (which will make a great bookmark!) in advance. When you receive your book, you will get a second card along with it.

      You can pre-order the book by downloading a PDF form from this web site: https://sites.google.com/site/fbspublishing/shop-for-books

      Here is the back cover blurb:

      Liam Creedy is in the final year of school at Patrick Freeman High. It has not been the best of experiences and this time the bullies have gone too far; one push too many leaves him unconscious.


      When he wakes, he finds himself in a strange parody of school life – the building has no main exit, the classrooms have become work places, the prefects are police, and no one ever mentions their parents.


      Now everything is in black and white, everything except Liam and Mr Samson, the boy's aloof and mysterious guide in this nightmare world.


      But what has happened to Liam? Has he slipped into a parallel world? Is he really in a coma lying on a hospital bed? Or is he dead and in some place of limbo?


      As tension builds and the school moves nearer and nearer to all out war, Samson presses Liam to find the blueprint and change it – only then will he find the way out.


      Will Hadcroft weaves a tale that dares to confront one's right to be an individual in a world that demands conformity and uniformity. He questions the education system, the roles we are pressured to play in society, and the need to challenge accepted norms before it is too late.

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