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11002004 Freestyle Events in Europe

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  • Erik Hammer
    Feb 4, 2004
      Hej alle

      Hvad er nu dette for noget!!!

      Freestyle til DM indendors Ultimate.
      Overraskende, men hvorfor ikke?

      God fornojelse, jeg er nok for gammel og stiv.


      -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
      Fra: eurodisc-bounces@... [mailto:eurodisc-bounces@...]Pa
      vegne af Tom Leitner
      Sendt: 4. februar 2004 11:33
      Til: eurodisc@...
      Emne: [ED] 2004 Freestyle Events in Europe


      Here is the latest on freestyle events happening
      in Europe this year...

      2004 Freestyle Frisbee European Event Schedule:

      Mar 6-7, 2004 Esbjreg, Denmark Intl
      Danish championship in Ultimate (indoor)
      freestyle jam session, 20 euros pays for
      breakfasts, gym floor space for sleeping and a
      Jan Soerensen, jansoerensen59@...

      Apr 8-12 2004 Rimini Italy Intl
      The 2004 Acrobatic Paganello on the beaches of
      Rimini Italy with thousands of spectators!
      Jumpi, jumpi@...

      TENTATIVE DATE Jun Milan, Italy Intl
      Maurizio Ranieri,

      Jun 26-27 2004 Hohenzell Austria Intl
      RUMBACUP 3/4 Ultimate Challenge

      Jul 5-10 2004 Utrecht Netherlands Intl
      overalls discsport daycamp in IJsselstein,
      prov Utrecht, NL

      TENTATIVE DATE (maybe weekend of August 8, 2004)
      Rimini, Italy Intl
      FPA World Championships
      Jumpi, jumpi@...

      TENTATIVE DATE Sep 4 2004 Nuremberg Germany
      Turboshred ... jam and go ... freestyle frisbee
      session in Nuremberg / Germany at Woerther Wiese

      Markus Goetz, mark-goetz@...

      Sep 24-26 2004 Viareggio Italy Intl
      Burla Beach Cup 2004 Beach Ultimate &
      Freestyle event in Tuscany-Italy
      Paul, tuscanultimate@...

      Events may still be announced in Amsterdam,
      France, the UK...stay tuned,

      - Tom

      PS If you're interested in keeping up with
      European Freestyle news you can subscribe to

      Also, here are a list of United States Freestyle
      Events in case you're interested...

      2004 US Freestyle Events:

      Feb 6-8 2004 Carolina PR US
      2004 Puerto Rico Winter Jam! Beach jams at the
      usual spot in front of Casa de Playa.
      Carlos Lopez, batuman@...

      Feb 21-22 2004 Baton Rouge LA US
      Pat and Deaton's Mardi Gras Jam, Great Food,
      Turbo Jams!
      Deaton Mitchell, deatonmitchell@...

      Mar 6 2004 San Francisco CA US
      Wintershred III. Beach shred and jam; Open
      Pairs and Co-op events. Perfect tides and great
      Carl Dobson, dobpic@...

      Mar 13 2004 Cambridge MA US
      2004 New England Indoor Frisbee Freestyle
      Rick Williams, RWilliams@...

      Mar 27 2004 Seaside OR US
      If you have not experienced this beach then
      you are missing out - Individual Super-Hein
      Matt Gauthier, matt@...

      Apr 17-18 2004 Pratt Park, Fredericksburg, VA
      Virginia States
      Eric Olsen, e.l.olsen@...

      May 22-23 2004 Jacksonville Beach FL US
      The Jammers 2004-Beach jam, low tide late
      afternoon jamming Friday through Monday-mixed and
      Paul Kenny, thejammer@...

      Jun 19-20 2004 St. Cloud MN US
      Multi-event Frisbee tourney
      Chris Sieben, Chris.Sieben@...

      Jun 19-20 2004 Ventura CA US
      Aloha Beach Fest. will host the World Beach
      Invitational Frisbee Freestyle Disc Championships
      Chipper Bro Bell, Chip_Bell@...

      TENTATIVE DATE Jun 26-27 2004 Santa Cruz CA US
      Santa Cruz Beach Classic
      Solstice Camping & Jamming at the Beach!
      Skippy Jammer, kdgivens@...

      TENTATIVE DATE July 9-11, 2004 Santa Cruz, CA US
      US Freestyle Championships
      Skippy Jammer, kdgivens@...

      July 12-16, 2004 San Diego, CA US
      Masters Championships
      Blair Paulsen, alacritymedia@...

      Sept (TBA), 2004 Seven Oaks TN US
      29th Annual Tennessee States overall Flying
      Disc Championships
      Nashville Disc Golf,

      Nov (TBA), 2004 Scottsdale AZ US
      29th Annual Arizona State Overall
      Championships! Last big event of the year!
      Harvey Brandt, teambanzai@...

      The Freestyle Frisbee Page The 2004 Paga World Freestyle Challenge
      "spreading the jam" Rimini, Italy April 8-12, 2004
      http://www.frisbee.com http://www.paganello.com

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