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1201VS: belfast hat tournament

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  • René Oskjaer
    29 Jan 05:17
      Kære alle
      Nedenfor tilbud om ultimatestævne i Belfast.
      René Oskjær, fmd. f. DFSU
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      Fra: Andrew Gordon [mailto:a.gordon@...]
      Sendt: 28. januar 2005 19:33
      Til: formand@...
      Emne: belfast hat tournament

      please forward this to your members
      belfast outdoor open
      boo 05
      Ireland Hat

      just a wee update on boo plans
      the following is booked

      Date            18th friday night and 19-20 March  2005
      Pitches       i've booked two massive gaelic pitches (plus a little bit more) which should
                        give us 3/4 full size ultimate pitches beside each other.
      Format       Due popular demand Hat, teams pulled out of the hat in the pub on friday night.
                        With pitch side music!
      Party         Friday night from 7pm onwards we'll be the Spring & Airbake Pub, this right beside the limelight pretty much the at
                       the "O" of ormeau avenue
                       Saturday night will be in the same place, with night clubs near too.
      Accomodation  laid on by the lovely bug players.
      Cost            Looks like being £10 a head or 14 euro,
      Transport     Get to belfast and we can lay on an ultimate mini-bus from the city airport/ferry, which will, run to/from pitches to accomodation, although it not really that far,
                         and taxis are easy to get and cheap. All the venues are based in the lovely /leafy/university end of south belfast.
      Entry           The sooner you yet me know your coming and how many of you there are, the closer your accomodation to the pitches/venue.
      School players   If you look old beyond your years you can try your luck at the spring & airbake, but there is a full on multiple x-box night going on near by.
      Not too sure who's planning scottish regional's but maybe if we ask them really really nicely they can ensure there isn't a clash in dates so, the scottish players coming can book their transport :)

      much disc love

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