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1220Fwd: [ED] Disc Research Project - Help Required.

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  • Kristian K Hansen
    Mar 16, 2005
      Hej frisbee-DK.
      Den kære Hr Mehlbye er ikke den eneste der fatter til internettet for
      at få hjælp til sit afgangsprojekt og blive klog på frisbee-spillere.
      Hjælp også en brite med hans projekt (om at bryde Discraft-monopolet??)

      Kristian KH
      Flying Circus

      Start på videresendt besked:

      > Fra: Philip Richardson <filrichardson@...>
      > Dato: 15. marts 2005 22.00.05 MET
      > Til: eurodisc@...-karlsruhe.de, eurodisc_women@yahoogroups.com
      > Cc: Emne: [ED] Disc Research Project - Help Required.
      > Hi all
      > For my final year project, I am carrying out research into
      > Frisbee/Disc design for use in the game of Ultimate and also will be
      > trying to work out why people choose a particular brand of disc to play
      > with over another. As a part of this investigation, I would also like
      > to establish if there is a market for discs to be manufactured in
      > the UK or Europe.
      > I would be grateful if you could spare a minute to fill in a very short
      > questionnaire available at this link:
      > http://scraggy.dreamphire.com/survey.php?surveyid=3 as I hope the
      > results will be of interest to all Ultimate players.
      > If you know someone not on this egroup who may be interested in
      > completing this questionnaire, I would appreciate it if you could
      > forward this to them. I require 500 respondents to complete this
      > questionnaire to validate the results, so any assistance you can give
      > to this project is appreciated.
      > Many thanks
      > Philip Richardson
      > BSc Computer Aided Product Design
      > University of Portsmouth
      > Discophilia'
      > Send instant messages to your online friends
      > http://uk.messenger.yahoo.com
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