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1221Re: [frisbee_dk] Fwd: [ED] Disc Research Project - Help Required.

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  • Formanden Roar Meier
    Mar 16, 2005
      skal du aldrig i seng ?
      Generalforsamling, status på 1. år er veloverstået :-)
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      Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 12:23 AM
      Subject: [frisbee_dk] Fwd: [ED] Disc Research Project - Help Required.

      Hej frisbee-DK.
      Den kære Hr Mehlbye er ikke den eneste der fatter til internettet for at få hjælp til sit afgangsprojekt og blive klog på frisbee-spillere.
      Hjælp også en brite med hans projekt (om at bryde Discraft-monopolet??)

      Kristian KH
      Flying Circus

      Start på videresendt besked:

      Fra: Philip Richardson <filrichardson@...>
      Dato: 15. marts 2005 22.00.05 MET
      Til: eurodisc@...-karlsruhe.de, eurodisc_women@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Emne: [ED] Disc Research Project - Help Required.

      Hi all

      For my final year project, I am carrying out research into
      Frisbee/Disc design for use in the game of Ultimate and also will be
      trying to work out why people choose a particular brand of disc to play
      with over another. As a part of this investigation, I would also like
      to establish if there is a market for discs to be manufactured in
      the UK or Europe.

      I would be grateful if you could spare a minute to fill in a very short
      questionnaire available at this link:
      http://scraggy.dreamphire.com/survey.php?surveyid=3 as I hope the
      results will be of interest to all Ultimate players.

      If you know someone not on this egroup who may be interested in
      completing this questionnaire, I would appreciate it if you could
      forward this to them. I require 500 respondents to complete this
      questionnaire to validate the results, so any assistance you can give
      to this project is appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Philip Richardson
      BSc Computer Aided Product Design
      University of Portsmouth


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