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1367[Fwd: Volunteers required for World Ultimate Club Championships 2006]

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  • Allan Larsen
    May 21, 2006
      WUCC i Perth søger frivillige hjælpere...

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      Subject: Volunteers required for World Ultimate Club Championships 2006
      Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 18:17:29 +1000
      From: WUCC2006 Organising Committee <wucc06td@...>
      To: arl@...

      Dear team captains,

      Congratulations on your clubs successful bid to attend the World Ultimate Club Championships 2006 in Perth. We look forward to seeing your club perform at WUCC in November. In addition to you and your fellow players, perhaps your team is bringing along an entourage of some description - family members, friends, club members not playing, or other supporters. The purpose of this email is to remind you that rather than being mere spectators, there exists a marvellous opportunity for these people to make a significant contribution to the tournament.

      We need between 200 and 250 volunteers to help run the event, filling jobs such as scorekeepers, timekeepers, providing information, refilling water and fruit supplies, team liaison, and many more. In return, all volunteers get a uniform, food pack, transport, discounted accommodation, a bunch of other goodies, and - most importantly - free entry to all the tournament parties. This is a generous package.

      All volunteers are asked to work only half of each day of the tournament, with one full day off, so there is still plenty of time for them to cheer and support your club during your games - or just relax and get away, or see the sights around Perth.

      If you or any of the players in your club know of anyone that might be interested in joining the volunteer workforce, please have them contact me as soon as possible by email at volunteers@.... Perhaps there are a number of people that are on the edge, not yet decided if they will come along - this might be the last push they need to convince them to join you and your teammates and enjoy the Ultimate tournament and the ultimate holiday.

      Steve Baker
      Volunteer Workforce Co-ordinator
      World Ultimate Club Championships
      Perth, Western Australia
      November 11th - 18th 2006
      Mobile: +61 419 197 963

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      Allan Larsen
      arl@... - www.bogong.dk