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1381De er tossede de svenskere!

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  • Erik Hammer
    Dec 5, 2006
      Se hvorfor nedenfor ...

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      Sendt: 5. december 2006 20:34
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      Emne: [OverallDiscLink] Christer Fuglesang- MTA in Space!

      Associated Press:


      Christer Fuglesang, European Space Agency

      Age: 49

      Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden.

      Family: Married, three children.

      Once Discovery reaches 62 miles above Earth, Fuglesang will become the first
      Swede in space, a title he has been working toward since 1992 when he joined
      the European Space Agency. Along with Germany's Thomas Reiter, he was
      selected for a joint mission between Europe and Russia in 1995 but ended up
      being part of the back-up crew.

      "I realize there is a lot of interest in Sweden and I'm happy about that,"
      he said.

      Fuglesang received a master's degree in engineering physics from the Royal
      Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He earned a doctorate in experimental
      particle physics from the University of Stockholm and later became a docent
      in particle physics at the university.

      He joined the astronaut corps in 1996 and then went on to train on a Russian
      Soyuz spacecraft, earning a certificate that would allow him to command a
      Soyuz during a return trip to Earth.

      During Discovery's mission, he will conduct the first two spacewalks with

      A former Swedish national Frisbee champion, Fuglesang plans to bring a
      Frisbee up to space. During a live satellite link-up with children on Earth,
      he'll try to set the record for maximum time aloft. Of course, he'll get an
      assist from zero gravity.

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