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1428Announcement - Martinicup 2009 - Groningen - The Netherlands

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  • Max Pieters
    Aug 10, 2009
      Announcement - Martinicup 2009 - Groningen - The Netherlands

      Hi all interested!

      This is the announcement of the second Martinicup organized by Gronical Dizziness. After last year’s success we are looking forward to this year’s edition.

      Off course we will try to improve and expand our tournament. One of the things we have done is adding a mixed division.


      The tournament will be played the 19th and 20th of December 2009 and will be played near Groningen in the north of The Netherlands. T
      he sports centre where the tournament will be has 4 full sized indoor pitches. Playing, partying and sleeping are all in this sports centre.

      Our aim is to have a high level indoor tournament with an OPEN, WOMEN and MIXED division. There will be enough playing time for each team, and a good party of course.

      The format will depend on the number of teams attending. We can accommodate a total of 40 teams. We aim for 16 open teams, 12 women and 12 mixed teams.
      In that case all teams will play 8 games.  The size of a division can change if not every division reaches the stated number of teams.

      The Mixed Division will be played really mixed. The team receiving the pull will decide if that point is played with 3 men and 2 women or 2 men and 3 women.


      The registration will be open from September 18th till October 11th. October 14th the organization will select the teams.
      National champions indoor and or outdoor will have a bigger change of getting selected.

      Last year’s top 3 were:


      1 Gronical Dizziness     Netherlands (Dutch Champions)

      2 Discflyers     Denmark  (Danish Champions)

      3 Team Niedersachsen Germany

      Spirit: Discflyers Denmark


      1 Dji Sam Soe   Austria (Austrian Champions 2008)

      2 Gronical Dizziness    Netherlands (Dutch Champions)

      3 Ultimate Decision     Latvia (Runner-Up Latvia)

      Spirit: Dutch Promise Netherlands


      More information on for example:  Timeline, Fees, Results, Travel can be found on the website: www.gronicaldizziness.nl


      Max Pieters

      Gronical Dizziness