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1441Kong Volmer 2010 - Invitation

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  • Erik Hammer
    Sep 22, 2011
    Hi all

    Ragnarok is proud to present Kong Volmer Ultimate 2011, and you are invited.

    Kong Volmer Ultimate takes place in Farum (20km north of Copenhagen) on
    19-20 November 2011.

    This is the 26th edition of the Tournament so we hope to see old and new
    friends to a classic indoors tournament with party and show game.

    You can register directly on the website:
    volmer.dk> www.kongvolmer.dk.

    The registration will close on 14. October. After then we will inform the
    teamt who get a spot in the tournament.

    Kong Volmer Ultimate have room for 20 open teams and 12 women's teams.

    It is played in Farum Arena which has really nice facilities, room for three
    indoor ultimate fields, and school accommodation right next door.

    The tournament fee are 160 Euro per team including accomodation and
    breakfast (+ an optional party at 19 Euro per player).

    More information about the tournament on
    volmer.dk> www.kongvolmer.dk.

    See you in November!

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