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316Eurotour in Denmark

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  • oskjaer
    Oct 13, 2000
      Hi Poul
      My name is René, and I'm the founder of the discgolfcourse in Aalborg (Northern Jutland), DK Denmark. We are just about to put up the next 9 holes so that by December we will have a nice 18 holes course (the first in DK), and we are prepared to host one of the ET-events. We have exellent accomodation posibilities on a nearby school just a midrange drive away from the course. Just a putt away we have an youth institution where they are very interested in discgolf. So much so that they are willing to let us use their building as our headquarters.
      We are quite open as to a possible date, but June 2 - 3 would be the number one hit. Among other things this is a national holliday week-end lasting until Tuesday, so we could end the the tournament by dining out together on Sunday night in the (almost) world famous entertainment street 'Jomfru Ane Gade'.
      You can find more information about our course on www.bundgaardsparken.dk though I must admit that it is not quite up-to-date as our webmaster is studying in Canada at the moment.
      I will be in France during the next week, but after that I will not hesitate to answer any questions that you might have.
      René Oskjaer
      Lavendelparken 38, 9310 Vodskov
      DK Denmark
      tlf. +45 9829 3266
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