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654Re: [frisbee_dk] Important - virus - not a joke.

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  • Mikkel & Sanne
    Dec 12, 2001
      Hej... tjek lige den her side før i gør noget overilet
      Mikkel Tronhus
      ----- Original Message -----
      Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 9:36 PM
      Subject: [frisbee_dk] Important - virus - not a joke.

      Subject: Important - virus - not a joke.

      Dear friends!
      I received the following message from one of my friends, who has had a virus. I had it - found it and got it deleted.
      Please read the following very carefully:
      My friend wrote:
      The file was found on our computer, you are all in our mailing list!!!
      "Our computer has had a virus infection. Since you are in our mailing list, you must follow this description in order to get rid of the virus.
      This virus is programmed to activate itself at a later point in time, therefore it will not be detected by a standard anti-virus-program, such as Mcfee, Norton etc..
      Nobody knows, how long it has been in circulation, probably in several months.
      When it activates itself, it will delete all files and documents at your hard drive.
      It spreads via e-mails and places itself in C.WINDOWS/COMMAND.
      In order to find it and delete it - follow the following instructions:
      1.    Click on START
      2.    Select SEARCH FOR
      3.    Select FILES OR MAPS
      4.    Go to SEARCH ALL FILES and select LOCAL HARD DRIVES - in most cases it is C.
      5.    In the box NAME - write SULFNBK.EXE
      6.    If the file is found - DON'T OPEN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
      7.    Mark it this way - WITHOUT OPENING IT - click on EDIT and then MARK ALL.
      8.    In the menu FILES - click on DELETE
      9.    Close the dialog box SEARCH ALL FILES
      10.    EMPTY your wastebasket
      The good news is, that you are free of the virus.
      The bad news is, that you might have contaminated everyone you have sent e-mails for many months.
      THEREFORE!! Please send this message to all persons in your address book

      Din brug af Yahoo! Grupper er underlagt Yahoo! Servicebetingelser.
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