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FUNcube-1 has now been set to full time amateur mode for the weekend! Enjoy and have fun 73 Graham G3VZV
Graham Shirville
17 Apr

Re: : FCD Pro+ / Raspberry Pi / WJST combo

Dick, Thanks for info. What I want to do is have a small, self contained box containing the FCD and the RPi which I can plug a small KB and monitor into purely
16 Apr

Re: (no subject)

For FUNcube-1 (AO73) frequencies see http://funcube.org.uk 73, Clear and dark skies without RFI, David Haworth, WA9ONY
David Haworth
16 Apr

(no subject)

Hi there guys.I am new to this but are really keen.Can anyone tell me what frequencies are involved?Much appreciated..73'sGareth   2E0GGO.. Hi there guys. I
Gareth Jones
16 Apr

: FCD Pro+ / Raspberry Pi / WJST combo

As I understand it there are many problems with the original RPi due to the USB handling and general CPU power. Howard commented a couple of months ago on
16 Apr

Re: FUNcube-1 Update

Hi All, I am delighted to have been proved wrong FUNcube-1 has already been restarted. Actually during the 0925 UTC pass over Europe. An initial review of the
    Graham Shirville
    16 Apr
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    FUNcube-1 Update

    Hi all, It appears that FUNcube-1 stopped transmitting last evening. The FUNcube operations team are presently reviewing the latest available telemetry and
    Graham Shirville
    16 Apr

    ISS SSTV Video and WebSDRs

    ISS Ham Radio SSTV Video http://amsat-uk.org/2015/04/15/iss-ham-radio-sstv-video/ ISS SSTV in the UK Press
    15 Apr

    : FCD Pro+ / Raspberry Pi / WJST combo

    Dooh - bit of 'frack to bunt' typing here - WSJT not WJST!!
    15 Apr

    FCD Pro+ / Raspberry Pi / WJST combo

    Hi, This query straddles 3 different Yahoo groups but you have to start somewhere!!! Has anyone successfully married up the FCD Pro+ with a Raspberry Pi to run
    15 Apr

    Re: FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi

    Original Message ----- Subject: [FUNcube] FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi ... Jim HDSDR works with many radios, you have to put the correct DLL in the
    15 Apr

    Re: FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi

    Chuck; Howard and others have a new way around the bandwidth problem by using Raspberry Pi 2 http://www.funcubedongle.com/?p=1683 Chris GW6KZZ From:
    Chris GW6KZZ
    13 Apr

    Re: FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi

    oops, sorry, didn't catch the lack of a "+" at the end of FCDPro. It should work in principle; I was able to send FCDP(P) both tuner and audio stream devices
    Chuck Ritola
    12 Apr

    Re: FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi

    It won't work without Howard's modified firmware which reduces the bandwidth. http://www.funcubedongle.com/?p=1647 Here's why:
    Chuck Ritola
    12 Apr

    FunCube Dongle Pro and Raspberry Pi

    All: I am trying to use VirtualHere USB server on Raspberry Pi and Windows 7 client to remotely locate my FCDPro (NOT plus). Windows 7 sees the FCD and calls
    Jim Sanford
    12 Apr
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