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  • rumblefish1972
    Sep 22, 2015

      MLB1: Very disappointed to lose the WS, the first time I've lost one in this league. Although we won our three games reasonably convincingly and scored six more runs than the O's over the whole series, we just didn't get the key outs and clutch hits we needed. The seventh inning of G7 was the killer blow when the O's scored six runs to take a 14-8 lead, and although we rallied to within striking distance we ran out of outs. Many congrats to Paul B and the very tenacious Orioles - always IMO a particularly noteworthy feat to win it all from the Wild Card (I suspect they might well also be the first team in Gp Baseball history to overcome being no-hit in the playoffs and go on to win the WS!). EOS changes were reasonable for a team with a lot of fillers (+9/-1 levels, +12/-3 skills), but at least one star will have to be sacrificed, and as always following a WS letdown it's hard to relish another season.

      MLB2: First off congrats to Mike and the Reds for their threepeat - a magnificent achievement. The Rockies had a slightly irritating EOS, with 10* pitchers Carrillo and Morales both losing a level, despite decent form and potential. Overall the numbers were okay (+13/-2 levels, +23/-3 skills), but with the bulk of improvements on hitters our pitching may well not be good enough. I might be able to tinker via coaching and free agency to sufficiently correct it, but although I had been targeting a playoff place this season I'm not so sure any more.

      MLB3: The Twins clung on to top seeding in the AL, and will have everyone healthy and rested (and paid!) for the playoffs. Nonetheless 114 wins is 8-10 fewer than our totals of the previous three seasons, and we have a very tough ALDS so even with a full strength team I'm vaguely hopeful but far from confident. The Reds' late surge means the three best records are in the NL, so whichever team emerges victorious from the NLCS will likely start the WS as favourite.

      MLB4: A solid penultimate week for the Tigers, with 130 wins or so in sight and not much resting left to do. 10* 1B Justin Maxwell will miss at least part of the ALDS with a sore shoulder but with a TRAINER level of only 7 I can't really complain.

      MLB5: I feel more justified in complaining about 10* pitcher Mike Leake getting a 90-game injury last week with a TRAINER level of 13, though I suppose I should be - sort of - thankful that he got it early enough to be REHAB-ed in time for the playoffs. A so-so 5-4 without him this week, but we're still on course for the best record in MLB5, and I imagine a relatively uneventful final third of the season beckons in Cincinnati. Big move by Seattle this week, signing Ensberg after his half-a-season stint in Miami. A great player to be sure, though I wonder if he'll be as thoroughly useless in the playoffs for the M's as he was for us.

      MLB6: After going a poor 3-3 against unmanaged opposition and about to host nearest rivals the Dodgers it looked like the Marlins were in danger of their first losing regular season week in four years. But a sweep secured a reasonably healthy week in the end, though from a financial point of view a few more losses than we're used to probably wouldn't be such a bad thing.

      MLB7: A decent 8-1 for the Pirates against three crappy teams, but more importantly we got fifth starter Stetson Allie back at a reduced wage. After re-signing Rivera last week (he had an OPS of almost 1.200 in his first week back) I think that's most of our FA business done and dusted for the season already. We've lost Capps and a couple of 9* hitters, but gained Drew, a pretty good pitching prospect/reliever, and got several key players back cheaper, so in light of our EOS improvements we should be in good shape for the rest of the season. Still some good FAs available; it will be interesting to see where they end up.

      MLB8: Far from convincing as usual by the Dodgers but a 6-3 with a few hitters rested isn't too bad I suppose. Still much to be decided going into the final week, including the identity of our NLDS opponents. A low-scoring but not uninteresting ASG. Encouraged to see Billingsley shut down the cream of the AL's hitting for five innings; not so encouraged, and not at all surprised, to see the two Dodgers hitters go 0-for-4 with three strikeouts between them.

      MLB21: A good, albeit obviously meaningless preseason week for the Angels. Would have liked the stupidly released Cam Bedrosian back, but there you go. Draftee promotions saw the end of an era in Anaheim in the sense that Reggie Willits was our first round pick soon after I joined the league, although our second round pick from the same draft, Kendry Morales, will stay for at least another season. As ever I've trade-listed a player more in hope than expectation (Napoli is WC-Go-Go-Ex for anyone interested - looking for anyone, batter or pitcher, on lowish wages in return!), but he has enough potential that I can NEWPOS him, or else simply waive him for the cash if no trade pans out.

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