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  • paulbeaumont_1972
    Sep 23, 2015
      Trying to reply to Patrick's post. Shows how often I've posted since the format changed! If I was going to make the time to post something then this was the reason.

      Commiserations to Patrick. I wasn't holding out much hope due to the difference in the quality of the batters on both teams. We have some strong (on paper) pitching so quality starts were required. However this is/has being discussed and having better bats seems to be key. The three closest games were all decided by two runs and the Orioles won all three of them. Not sure if you can draw any conclusions from that? I thought the bats needed another season for us to become real contenders. Not even sure which season we last won the World series? It must be a while!

      Lots of improvements and wage increases means we'll be releasing expensive pitching and hope the developing young arms can step up. The batting has moved up a level, at least on paper with Chalky White likely to be released at some point.

      Finding the time/remembering to enter turns on time is (unfortunately) a struggle. I try to catch up on posts when I get the chance, I should really get the daily email. I also just found out from Patrick that we were no hit in the ALDS!

      MLB1-BA World Champions

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