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29616Re:: All leagues SPOILERS Round up

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  • bfc_raven99
    Jul 27, 2016

      Firstly welcome to all the newbies that have joined, especially to those in MLB21. Really looking forward to seeing some new faces/opinions in the mix up. Good luck to you all in your respective leagues (except if you play my sides)

      MLB2: At least we can take some heart from the ChiSox winning the contenders World Series (or at least that's how I like to view it! :-) ). We would like to put up a more sustained challenge to Detroit this season but with (including recent draftees) 8 bats and 6 pitchers with 3 or less years experience I think we are maybe a year or so away from being a consistent outfit. At least we can settle ourselves with the fact we have arguably MLB2's best bat in Carlos Quentin. Top batting average in the last 2 seasons, averaging just over .360 over the last 7 years. More amazingly that I didn't realise is that he's only committed 2 errors over the past 5 seasons combined. OK he's an CF but I think that's still pretty decent. Wages are at 123 which is quite high since our finances are great for covering high wage bills.
      Lastly, EOS changes were respectable. Pitching had 6 levels up, 11 skills up, 3 down whilst batting was 5 levels up, 8 skills up, 2 down.

      MLB4: First season in charge of the Mets has gone ok. Realised early that the FA list in this league doesn't have as much quality as some, probably because of a lack of managers. So we've set about trying to protect our potential on pitching by solidifying it with a couple of vets. Batting has been harder to come by. That will probably have more ups and downs as we've mainly gone for youth with tons of experience. We've still managed a .500 record with 1 week left though. Problem is we still have a lot of funds that will be lost if I can't find something to invest in! Bit underwhelmed with the draft list too.

      MLB5: Much like MLB2 we've got a squad that has a lot of youth on it. We have a fair amount of potential though and whilst much like MLB2 we won't challenge the Reds this or next season, I'd hope to be more competitive come the season after next. Sad to hear that Dave may be giving up the Mets at the end of this season. I've enjoyed our battles over the years, Season 20's NL Championship Series being my highlight (although probably not Dave's). Shame the Astros haven't been competitive the last couple of years.

      MLB8: It's a good job MLB8 is chock full of managers otherwise I'd have jacked it in ages ago. This is the most frustrating league as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't seem to matter what I try, we as so inconsistent. We always seem to start seasons well but come about wk7 we fall apart and never recover. Where we stand at the moment is we have a couple of future stars in Harper, Dukes and possibly (hopefully) Renda and Franco. Our run differential is lower than it's been for a while but we still lack power and enough people getting on base and into scoring positions.

      MLB21: Good off season for the Dodgers. EOS changes weren't massive 5 levels up on pitching, 3 on batting and 12 skills up for pitching, only 4 on batting. Pitching which was our major strength last season just got stronger. However whilst the bullpen improved almost on mass, a couple like Jansen may now be able to move into the rotation. Despite having to work a bit at managing the wage bill, I'm pretty sure we can retain Soriano, Willetts and Gonzalez. With Seager, DeWitt and Puig now at or approaching that level I'll put it out there that we are confident of making the play-offs. Whether we have enough to hold off a strong D'Backs side is another question. Looking forward to this season!

      Cheers all,

      Mark C

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