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29628Re:: All leagues SPOILERS Round up

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  • k157tdf
    Aug 1, 2016
      Hi Mark,

      Mainly in reference to your MLB8 team.
      Nothing would please me more than to see a different name at the top of one of the divisions (even the NL Central if it comes to it).
      From an outside perspective, and I hope this doesn't sound too glib, your MLB8 team simply isn't as good as, say, your MLB21 Dodgers. I'm impressed with your Dodgers this season. A squad of that quality in MLB8 would certainly be in the shake-up at the end of the season.

      The Phillies, by utilising the boost they got from several early draft picks which were very well managed into a large core of star players, have established a level. Having got to that level it is easier to stay there. But look how threadbare they actually are. Despite that they recovered after a slow start and have won 102 games.
      The Braves are the most successful franchise in MLB8 and Mike will no doubt put together another set of players to make a run at the WS.
      Good luck and be ruthless. Any player in your team not helping you better those two is a waste of LPs.

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