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  • rumblefish1972
    30 May

      MLB1: Many congrats to Mike and the Braves - winning a WS from a Wild Card spot is always a really great achievement IMO. EOS was okay in St Louis (Levels +10/-1; Skills +11/-0), but hard to tell if we will be any better than last year until we've got wages under control. Seabol was expensive even for a 12* player by today's standards, so he's definitely too expensive for an 11* player.

      MLB2: Well done to Marc and the Yankees on a well-earned WS win, though commiserations to Richard and the Cardinals, who had been brilliant this season. EOS was underwhelming for the Rockies in terms of total numbers (Levels +6/-0; Skills +13/-3) though pretty much all the gains were concentrated on starters and key prospects. A wide spread of good rosters all around MLB2 going by the roundup but we should be in contention.

      MLB3: The Twins finished a slightly messy season strongly to be the #1 playoff seed in the AL again. New territory in the playoffs as the Angels have almost always finished just behind both Texas and Seattle over the years so I'm pretty certain the Twins have never met them in the postseason. Will be tricky - Paul Bowen pulled off a big upset in the MLB1 ALDS a few weeks ago and the Angels have signed four or five players from the Twins over the past couple of seasons, including two 11*s in Swarzak and Morneau. TO v KC is also hard to call, but in the NL it will need a monumental upset for either the D'backs or Marlins to lose, with each having won 32 games more than their DLS opponents.

      MLB4: Atrocious 2-7 penultimate week for the Tigers and we weren't even missing many hitters to resting or injury. Indicative of this being a much weaker Detroit team than in recent years, and deserved sweeps at the hands both Texas and Oakland don't bode well for the playoffs. Though (somewhat disconcertingly) if all the contending AL teams win the same number of games in week 18 as they did last week we'll drop from having the best record in all of MLB4 at the moment to not actually making the playoffs at all.

      MLB5: Still nothing very interesting to report from Cincinnati. All the interest in the NL is really out East where, not for the first time, the Marlins and Mets are proving hard to separate.

      MLB6: Not much for the MLB6 Marlins to do this year except ride out the financial storm and hope the Braves don't catch us up.

      MLB7: The Pirates are fortunate compared to most in MLB7 in that we actually have a competitive division, and although everything appears quite rosy right now I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if the Cardinals reeled us in this year. The Cubs are also active (as their oddly named FA signing this week proves) though obviously not in contention, and perhaps this is a good moment to pay tribute, as I feel someone ought to do every so often, to the remarkable staying power of Cubs GM Andrew Gessey - 16+ seasons of being absolutely nowhere near the playoffs, only once even breaking .500, yet still he keeps playing. I hope I don't sound patronising in saying that I find his tenacity genuinely admirable.

      MLB8: The Dodgers have clinched the West and #1 seed in the NL, yet I can't recall heading towards the MLB8 playoffs with less optimism; and that's really saying something. Looks odds-on that we'll play Miami in the NLDS, so that's new anyway.

      MLB21: If the Angels play as badly in the first couple of weeks as they did in preseason I think I would be inclined to undertake a far more drastic overhaul of our wages, but Week 0 isn't always a very helpful pointer towards what will happen in Week 1. Good luck to all for the coming season.

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