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30189Re: All leagues SPOILERS

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  • Darren Halford
    31 May
      MLB 1 Texas Rangers
      Difficult decisions to make for the Rangers,my only team with World class talent comes at a price,wages are now 132 LPS .
      I'm loath to release my superstars though,not been in this position so far in the game and am torn in which direction to go,think I will see how the Rangers start the season and review things after week six.

      MLB 6 Boston Red Sox 44-28
      Still comfortable atop the AL East,even extended the lead to 15 games,despite another poor week,4-5.
      Possible free agent bid going in next week to shake things up a bit.

      MLB 8 Milwaukee Brewers 79-74
      Well as expected the Cubs wrapped up the division,wonder if this is the latest in the season that they have had to wait to do that!
      Still harbour hopes of nicking second place in the division and finishing over .500,though a 2-1 series loss to the Padres didn't help matters,especially after routing the Dodgers 10-1 in the second game of our series.

      MLB21 Tampa Bay Ray's
      Like the Angels,the Rays are having a poor pre season,got a feeling my second season might be more challenging than last year,a 100 win season and a wild card berth is a lot to live up to.
      Wages have been reduced to 115,after promoting all three rookies for experienced guys who were major contributors last season.
      Due to loss of skills and 0 potential it was an easy decision compared to my situation with the Texas Rangers.

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