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30323Re:: MLB 1 and 21 - Gallardo

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  • k157tdf
    25 Aug
      MLB21 You must be pleased with the CG shutout by Gallardo (a Brewer in his formative years) ?
      That is, what, 5 CG on the trot now, and looking very much the Ace.

      Some kind of trigger point must have been reached - there is a deluge of top class pitching on the FA list.
      There's also a handful of top batters, so perhaps the Mets will be able to make 2 or 3 top class signings.
      Good luck to Joseph Grillis if he should stumble upon this group.

      You see this mutual kind of behaviour on the FA list from time to time, safety in numbers and all that.
      There is a similar thing in MLB2 at the moment with batters.

      Re: Patrick's Angels going 9-0.
      His Cardinals in MLB1 also went 9-0, so he might actually rate them as useful for the time being.


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