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  • rumblefish1972
    4 Sep

      MLB1: The Cards 17-game winning streak came to an abrupt end this week but 7-2 on the week and 43-11 on the year is okay with a depleted rotation and Luna and Seabol taking turns on the FA list.

      MLB2: A quite poor 4-5 week for Colorado, albeit with a host of key absentees. This team is improving but still not quite there yet. Waiving the inconsistent Hynick will at least enable us to see what we're like when Khalil Greene actually plays. We trade-listed left-handed slugger Correlle Prime (Go-Ex-Ex-Fa) this week - an 8*/9* RHP on lower wages is what I'm after if anyone is interested.

      MLB3: 8-1 pulls the Twins to within a game of the Royals who we play for the first time this season next week. We're hitting .315 but we might be a quality pitcher light.

      MLB4: A reasonable 12-6 start for Detroit, though a few others, most notably Washington, have started better. A couple of very tasty looking batting prospects have appeared on the FA list, and the Tigers will certainly be thinking of making a bid.

      MLB5: The usual abject NLDS exit for the Reds, though at least we took it to five games. Congrats to the Mets on a deserved victory, and good luck to all four remaining teams. No real sign that this sorry lot will ever be up to much. Wages likely to go up to around 140 LPs - if I had 29 PROMOTE actions I'd waive the whole team.

      MLB6: The Angels signing Rasmussen was about as surprising as... something not very surprising given the number of players they've poached from us over the years. But we did get the maximum LP compensation for him, as well as a young pitcher with amazing stats to show for the 18 innings he has pitched this year. On the diamond we posted a 5-4 but were swept at home by Atlanta (can't recall when we were last swept at home; might have been about 8 seasons ago!) and although we should still finish with 120-125 wins we look weaker than we have done in a long old while.

      MLB7: The Pirates didn't take long to spend the Brad Lincoln money - didn't seem like there was much point doing anything else but signing Brooks Conrad. When at full strength this might actually be the best batting lineup I've ever had in Gameplan Baseball - certainly in terms of skills (11 x WC, 16 x Ex), and handedness (6 x 11*/10* switch-hitters). But the key question might be whether or not we have left our starting pitching a bit short.

      MLB8: So far it's back to normality for the Dodgers this season, over-achieving on the mound (especially in view of Lindblom's departure) but under-achieving at the plate. Last season when it was the reverse may have been an anomaly. Of course the common denominator is still under-achievement.

      MLB21: Four straight shutouts to begin the week for the Angels, a rather pitiful sweep at the hands of the Tigers to end it. Hardy's return to Anaheim is likely to be a brief one as we continue to streamline our squad and hopefully restore some financial stability. I expect the Rays to have caught and overtaken us by the time we're done.

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