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  • k157tdf
    12 Sep
      MLB1 - 35-19 week 6
      With Nick Swisher on the FA list and an injury to Danny Lee, young third baseman Miguel Andujar got to see some game time. All was going well until G9 when a couple of errors in the third inning contributed towards 7 unearned runs in a thrashing by the White Sox.
      The Orioles opened a small gap with an 8-1 week, and they in turn saw the Indians pass them with a fairly routine 9-0.

      MLB2 - 39-15 week 6
      Back to winning ways for the Yankees, and with the Rangers slipping up we find ourselves atop the AL.
      10 batters are slugging at over .500 - 12 if you count the pair on the FA list. So the chopping and changing doesn't seem to be harming the performances.

      MLB4 - 14-4 week 2
      I'm still looking to drop one (or two) of the teams in this week, and the naturally the Rangers have least personal attachment for me.
      They could be free in three turns if anyone wants to take over a team on the cusp of challenging for the title - you'll have to get through Troy and Patrick to do so.

      MLB7 - 80-37 week 13
      Patrick wrote:
      >The Pirates didn't take long to spend the Brad Lincoln money - But the key question might be whether or not we have left our starting pitching a bit short.
      That was kind of the intention when we signed Lincoln, whether you signed Conrad or not. However I don't think we'll catch you over the remaining weeks, something is not quite right with the team.
      We're going to improve our trainer to try to establish some continuity and cut out the big injuries.

      MLB21 - 44-19 week 7
      AL is getting a little interesting now, with the Rays and Royals slowly creeping up. Six wins a week should be enough for us, but we won't want to drop too far below that mark.
      With the strength of the NL Central collapsing the only concern for the Pirates is within the clubhouse. The signing of Miller from the Brewers has sparked considerable unrest that may continue for quite some time if not addressed.


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