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30338MLB8 perfect game...or not

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  • mike_d_sim
    Sep 19, 2017
      So the Braves opened week 3 with a big series against the defending NL East champion Marlins and got an amazing game from Randall Delgado who threw a perfect game in a 6-0 Braves win. My question though is should this have been a no-hitter rather than a perfect game. The reason? Jacoby Ellsbury reached base in the 5th inning on an error by 2b Peraza. He was then retired on a double play. Delgado went on to no hit the rest of the way.

      So no-hitter or perfect game? (It was reported as "perfect").

      Sadly after this high came a sustained low of 3 wins and Delgado got shelled in his next start!


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