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  • k157tdf
    29 Sep
      A pretty undistinguished week results wise (4-5, 4-5, 5-4, 8-1, 5-4)

      MLB1 - 39-24 week 7
      A bad week. After a sweep by the Orioles we recovered a little to record two series wins.
      Would have liked to have swept the Brewers at home, but 3 errors in a 5-run 5th was too much this particular time around.
      The Red Sox closed to within one game after an 8-1 week, including a notable series win in Cleveland.

      MLB2 - 43-20 week 7
      Another tough week. Outplayed by the Red Sox and then the Rangers, we didn't do much better with Cleveland as the visitors until a 4 run 1st inning in G9 was comfortably defended by Gardner and Elliott,P.
      Some top end shuffling on the FA market, but no reports of any major strengthening moves reached this coaches ears.

      MLB4 - 19-8 week 3
      Two series wins on the road followed by a loss at home to a strong Blue Jays team resulted in a 5-4 week which but for a few bad bounces could have been somewhat better.

      MLB7 - 88-38 week 14
      Trainer duly improved this week. On the field we narrowly beat the Marlins before dispatching the Rockies and Reds.
      One of the quirks of a managed team becoming unmanaged is that you sometimes see players that have been training up in the minors appearing on the FA list. So it was with rookie CF Roberto Rincon from the Yankees who has total form of 23.
      Oakland snapped up the catching mega-prospect Tony Young.

      MLB21 - 49-23 week 8
      Even the Brewers weren't immune to the general malaise, although not the easiest week in the fixture calendar. We lost to the Twins (Craig) and Angels (Patrick) before sweeping the Athletics (Rob).
      The Royals and Rays both continue to close up, meaning the second half of the season is not just the usual scrap for HFA.
      Probably just a coincidence and nothing to do with previous comments, but the Pirates slumped to a 2-7 week meaning the NL Central isn't closed just yet. The Reds and Astros both made efforts to strengthen their teams.
      The Diamondbacks looked ominously tasty in seeing off the Dodgers, Pirates and Phillies.


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