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  • Phew! At least my Cardinals don't have much to live up to! [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    craigj1971@... 4 Aug
  • Hey Dan, Re: "more realistic 19-8" - Crikey that would be nosebleed territory for my Twins! The only way of rescuing our season is to wait for another tear in space-time so I can jump right through into a parallel universe where the Twins are 23-13 instead of 13-23! Jacko [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    craigj1971@... 31 Jul
  • Coaching... obviously it reduces potential (boo) and increases wages (double boo, hiss), so they are the cons, but the pros are that you get an improved player... I've seen comments around these 'ere parts that coaching isn't really considered too good a thing. Is that just because of the above, or are there other reasons? One obvious question is whether or not it is an efficient...
    craigj1971@... 24 Jul
  • Yes you can have as many pitchers and hitters as you want, within reason. The rulebook, I think, states specific numbers, so you have to have enough to cover the base requirements. And, Marc, the 13 batters thing is the best 13 batters on each squad. Teams can obviously have more. I chose 13 as 9 starters plus 4 reserves since you can have up to 4 pinch hitters or platoon players...
    craigj1971@... 20 Jul
  • In what turned out to be a pretty vain attempt to put a better spin on my lack of roster progress over my first seasons in MLB8 and MLB21 I did a number crunch based on the rosters that are reported in game turn 21. Please see the folder "SquadComparison" in the files area. The idea is that the top 10 pitchers and the top 13 batters are evaluated based purely on player level. No...
    craigj1971@... 19 Jul
  • Seems that I made the same sort of mistakes with the '8 Cardinals as I did my '21 Twins, spreading form around too thinly, as I had only: 3 level increases 1 level decrease 8 skill increases 3 skill decreases Wages 125 Hurrumph! [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    craigj1971@... 17 Jul
  • Yes, they'll play when you are losing as well as winning. It would be good if this could be controlled further so you can state whether to PH when either losing or leading or both, then you could replace a good hitter/poor fielder with a better fielder to help preserve a lead. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    craigj1971@... 12 Jul
  • Sophomore season struggles in Minnesota, but 4-5 in turn 2 was somewhat better than our 1-8 start. The better news is that we got two series against the Brewers, and one each against the Angels, Red Sox, Yankees and As out of the way - all teams that have started well (in part due to us being so crap). I need the pitching staff to get out of their funk - 133 runs given up in 18...
    craigj1971@... 26 Jun
  • Explain away, I am intrigued. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    craigj1971@... 23 May
  • I have a question about pitching and extra base hits. In GPBB, does a pitcher's ability (or, rather, lack of) contribute in any way to doubles/trebles or is that entirely a result of the ability of the hitter? (All other things being equal, I presume home runs and CON are tied quite closely together so I am not asking about home runs here. Obviously the quality of the defence...
    craigj1971@... 19 May