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London 2012 Olympics: sporting bodies jostle for position in preparation of post-Games cull

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  • julian cheyne
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010


      The BOA's ongoing financial challenges come as the organisations responsible for delivering Olympic sport jostle for position ahead of a major shake-up after the London Games.

      The new Government has said that UK Sport and Sport England, who distribute public funds to elite athletes and grass-roots sport respectively – are to merge after the Games.

      Ostensibly a cost-cutting measure, it also provides an opportunity for the BOA, whose chairman Lord Moynihan has made no secret of his ambition to expand its role in athlete development.

      The BOA has clashed regularly with UK Sport in recent years, particularly over the role of Sir Clive Woodward, whose original plans to develop athletes overlapped with the publicly-funded body.

      Historically the BOA has never received public funds, and it is required to be free of government interference by the International Olympic Committee.

      With the Government eager to cut funding across the board, and a marked cooling in relations between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and UK Sport since the coalition took office, the post-London settlement offers the BOA an opportunity to expand its remit and possibly secure central funding.

      The Government will not countenance funding any historic debt however, hence the imperative to break even

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