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233Saturday Workshop 12 August

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  • glasgowtangostudio
    Aug 3, 2017

      Hi All,

      In August we will teach one Saturday workshop. Please, see details below and book your place with Sari if you wish to attend.

      Workshop on Saturday 12 August at 1.30-2.30pm

      Tango as Dialogue / Open Level

      Price £8/person

      During this workshop we will work on understanding what the follower’s and the leader's roles are all about and how to build our confidence in either. The more we know what to expect from a good leader, the more we can contribute as confident followers. Dancing Tango is to create a dialogue between two equal parties who both know their roles in making the best possible creative moments to emerge. Being able to dance on such level requires learning other skills than purely tango moves and vocabulary.

      This workshop is suitable to dancers on all levers. Where possible book with a partner but as always we'll do our best to partner those booking as singles with a partner of a matching level of experience.

      Looking forward for another great Saturday afternoon working on tango skills.

      Best regards

      Sari & Jeff