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503Julie Perryman's Funeral

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  • Malcolm Carruthers
    Mar 11, 2015
      Hi all,

      Just received this email from Stan who picked it up off Facebook, I would like to think someone close could possibly attend on behalf of the troop, I would go myself only it is a bit far and at the moment I'm not feeling so good myself, just recovering from a cold which has left me totally drained of energy.

      I sent a card yesterday on behalf of the troop.  Malcolm.

      Hi mate, Julie's funeral is on the 23march at 4pm. Drinks and food at the barbican pub afterwards. He has just posted on Facebook again.
      Still in lanzerote. Home tomorrow. Its a bit far to go for most so we won't be able to go. There are some that live closer so maybe someone will make it. Very sad.
      Speak soon Stan.