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  • cello_ace
    Happy new year to everyone! From Elaine
    Message 1 of 232 , Jan 1, 2002
      Happy new year to everyone!<br>From Elaine
    • elaine
      Hi Saff, yes it was only near the end of Martyn s message that I realised it was meant for you lol! After I read about a deaf cellist on Hear It website I
      Message 232 of 232 , 4 Nov 05:06
        Hi Saff,

        yes it was only near the end of Martyn's message that I realised it
        was meant for you lol!
        After I read about a deaf cellist on Hear It website I realised that
        ther was no reason why I shouldn't continue playing for as long as
        possible,but with a bit of help maybe as time goes by :~)I have
        found my playing has slipped a bit this year as I've had to put
        orchestra and my lessons on hold while I sort out my health.I
        haven't noticed any problems with distortion while I'm playing and I
        find it funny that I can actually hear music ten times more clearly
        than I can speech.I did have a discussion with my audiologist about
        the higher frequencies which I need for higher notes(but thankfully
        most of the cello notes are below middle C) and she said that I
        won't get an aid that will go that high so I guess I'll have to
        learn to feel them,if I'm not already doing that without knowing it.
        I understand that it is easier for deaf people to play wind
        instruments as the sound is transmited throught the skull via the
        teeth.I am sure Martyn can elaborate on this.
        Hope you continue to play your guitar Saff,
        Elaine xx

        --- In hardofhearinguk@..., "Saffron" <bel@p...> wrote:
        > LOL, I'm sure Martyn was pleased to hear about how you feel with
        > music and I'm sure his message was meant to both of us, really.
        > nice to hear that you are not giving up cello, Elaine. I must say,
        > cello is one instrument that I hear better than others, must be
        > frequencies. I've not played guitar for ages, though some days,
        > my hearing is less distorted, I can still enjoy the sound of it
        > a lot.
        > Martyn, welcome to group and thanks for posting! Are you
        > deaf? It would be great if you told us a bit more about you as a
        > musician, that's really interesting!
        > Looking forward to hearing from you soon again,
        > Saffron
        > --- In hardofhearinguk@..., "elaine"
        > wrote:
        > > oops just replied to you Martyn!
        > >
        > > Elaine
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In hardofhearinguk@..., "Martyn Booth"
        > > <ducati52@f...> wrote:
        > > > I mean message to Saffron ooooop my mistake
        > > >
        > > > Cheers
        > > > Martyn
        > > >
        > > > --- In hardofhearinguk@..., imantunes wrote:
        > > > > Hi Elaine, <br><br>No, I don't know the deaf
        > > > > cellist. I heard of her on a TV programme about brain and
        > > > > music. She had learnt cello while she was hearing and
        > > > > then lost her hearing suddenly from a disease (I
        > > > > think) and couldn't hear anything at all. She managed to
        > > > > continue playing by memory and by looking at others for
        > > > > good timing. She still enjoyed it, which is quite
        > > > > amazing!<br><br>I do know of someone who gave up playing
        > > > > because his hearing got a lot worse. I can't really play,
        > > > > but I do like trying a few chords on the guitar, and
        > > > > I must say, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to,
        > > > > because I can't hear myself play well enough and the
        > > > > quality of sound isn't the same anymore...<br><br>Saffron
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