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Re: Debate for HOH people..... YOUR IDENTITY??

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  • Mellow Meldrew
    My Identity has never been any different, nor have I any real desire to seek another one ! I ve been hearing, I m deaf so ? the person counts nothing else,
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 1, 2006
      My 'Identity' has never been any different, nor have I any real
      desire to seek another one ! I've been hearing, I''m deaf so ? the
      person counts nothing else, If I disagree it's mainly because the
      identity-seekers, seek (!), to suggest individuality is immaterial,
      and only how you collectively communicate is important. To me, if
      you can make yourself understood that's all there is, or should be,
      to it. May I suggest, that seeking an identity is rooted more in an
      ability to accept yourself as you are, than a way of overcoming a
      profound hearing loss (Or anything else). MM@s counselling service
      will be online soon (All cards welcome :) )


      --- In hardofhearinguk@..., "elaine" <cello_ace@h...>
      > Hi Mazza,
      > I think you've hit the nail on the head there ! It depends on how
      > live your life .If you were born into a Deaf family or associate
      > solely with Deaf people who use BSL then you'd have to sign to get
      > whether or not you had any hearing with aids or not but if you
      > hearing family and friends ,whether or not you were born with
      > impairment ,then you have to cope as best you can with hearing
      > and other strategies including SSE .BSL would be wasted in that
      > situation unless those with normal hearing could sign too .
      > I agree with you the motivation to learn BSL has to be there -
      > is no "have to learn" as it's an individual choice .I think
      > finds there own ways fo coping and what is right for them
      according to
      > their situation .
      > Elaine xx
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