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Re: Socials for HoH.

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  • Saffron
    Hi Pink, Sounds like we re in the same area. I m in North Essex. I didn t know they had lipreading classes in Bishop s Stortford. I d be interested to know
    Message 1 of 45 , Jul 1, 2006
      Hi Pink,

      Sounds like we're in the same area. I'm in North Essex. I didn't know
      they had lipreading classes in Bishop's Stortford. I'd be interested
      to know about that, as I write a newletter for a local Hearing Help
      charity and advertise the lipreading classes in the region.

      We're all different and it's important not to be rushed, but if
      you're anything like me, you will find that once you tell people
      openly about your hearing loss, you will feel much more relaxed and
      happier. I can understand it's not easy to take that first step
      though. I'm really glad you joined this group though!


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      <pinktashasun@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Saffron
      > Thanks for message. I have been reading the database of members
      > I think this is a great club for people like ourselves. I will get
      > round to putting some info on at some point.
      > There is a lipreading class in Bishops Stortford which would be
      > nearer to me. I am waiting for the person running it to call me
      > back. Are you the saffron that knows tufti? I heard about this club
      > through someone who knows tufti and she mentioned a saffron.
      > I am 38 and haven't told my children yet. I am going to but I am
      > worried the kids in school will want to lift my hair out the way
      > look at my aids! A lot of people reading this probably think "How
      > vain is this woman!" But it is not vanity, its me being slightly
      > insecure about the situation!
      > As I said in an earlier message I haven't even spoken to anyone
      > to face and Fran was the first person that I had even had an email
      > from. My husband is fantastic though and sometimes even forgets and
      > wonders why I don't answer if he calls me from behind at a distance
      > when its noisy! I put him right though!
      > Kind regards, Pink or Tasha or Sun!
      > --- In hardofhearinguk@..., "Saffron"
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Pink (is that how you would like to be called, sorry not
      > sure...?),
      > >
      > > Welcome to HoHUK! I do advice lipreading classes too. There is no
      > > magic recipe for lipreading and it's impossible to lipread
      > > everything, but I've found the classes very useful myself.
      > >
      > > As Mazza suggested, you are very welcome to come to our monthly
      > > socials in London. Next one is on 17th July. You will meet many
      > > people there on the same boat as yourself. I have a severe to
      > > profound hearing loss, which I lost very gradually from
      > > but it was only as an adult that it really became a problem.
      > I
      > > started meeting up with other hard of hearing, deaf and deafened
      > > people, I found it quite difficult to come to terms with my
      > deafness,
      > > so hopefully meeting up with others will help you too. Also, this
      > > group helped a lot too, although it is quieter now than it used
      > > be, but there are many members here who understand what you're
      > going
      > > through. Please feel free to ask questions and start topics of
      > > discussions in here.
      > >
      > > All the best,
      > >
      > > Saffron
      > >
      > > PS: If you're interested in coming to the London socials, please
      > > email me: azafran69[{at}]yahoo.co.uk (remove the brackets and
      > > replace by @)
      > >
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      > > <pinktashasun@y...> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Hi Mazza
      > > >
      > > > Thanks for your greeting. I would be interested in coming next
      > > time
      > > > you meet up. Do many people go or does it vary month to month?
      > > > I am going to the Festival in London in Sept. Have you been
      > before?
      > > >
      > >
    • pinktashasun
      Hi Darren I m not sure. I went there because my hearing therapist is chairperson of Hearing Concern and she invited me. Do you get their magazine? I have and
      Message 45 of 45 , Jul 11, 2006
        Hi Darren
        I'm not sure. I went there because my hearing therapist is
        chairperson of Hearing Concern and she invited me. Do you get their
        magazine? I have and it has got some good information in it. There
        is a festival in sept which should be good in London with lots of
        different things going on, even a pilates teacher!


        --- In hardofhearinguk@..., darren thorman
        <blazinghotfire@y...> wrote:
        > hello
        > so does that mean we can drop into hearing concern? its right up
        my road
        > pinktashasun <pinktashasun@y...> wrote:
        > My oldest daughter finds my youngest hard to understand
        sometimes too!
        > I had a good day today, I went to hearing concern in Grays Inn
        > and had a chat with a great person who was really nice and helpful
        > also gave lots of good advice.
        > Then I went to the City Lit Centre and spoke to a teacher called
        > Helene and I am going to start evening classes lip reading! She
        > there would be people there who had the same sort of hearing loss
        > if anyone else is out there thinking about classes, go for it!
        > Have you been to lipreading classes before Elaine?
        > I'm shattered now!
        > Kind regards
        > Pink
        > -- In hardofhearinguk@..., "elaine" <cello_ace@h...>
        > wrote:
        > >
        > > Hi Pink ,
        > > What a coincidence that your 2 have voices like mine with one
        > > clear and fine and the other being quieter! Interestingly my
        > > has variable hearing and finds her sister hard to understand on
        > > days so it's nice to have some support LOL!
        > > It sounds like your eldest has picked up on your hearing loss
        > already
        > > and might come in handy like mine do if you can't hear
        > and
        > > shop assistants .
        > > I haven't actually been to the London meetings as I live in
        > Manchester
        > > so it's too far for me to travel .They sound like fun :)
        > > Elaine x
        > >
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