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62Salaah & religion

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  • zabra_scrap
    Nov 2, 2012

      Bismillaah Slm


      Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam

      My laptop and hard drive started doing something strange yesterday, so I'm doing backups and haven't managed to scrap a Hadith for you today. . . I do include a beautiful unscrapped hadith for you below though . . .


      Nabi Muhammad (SAW) said "Salaah is a pillar of the religion (Islam). He who establishes it, establishes religion; and he who destroys it, destroys religion"



      May we always prioritise our duties to Allah (SWA) above all else . . .

      May we remember always what a great gift Salaah is, our own special time to connect with Allah (SWA), the Most Sovereign of All! . . .  

      May Allah (SWA) open our hearts and minds so that we may understand and heed Allah (SWA)'s message to us through His words in the Glorious Quran, and may we be of those who are successful in the Dhunya and Aakhirah, and granted Jannatul Firdous and nearness to Allah (SWA), Insha-Allah, Ameen


      Today I also say a special Shukr to Allah (SWA) for the return of the Hujaaj, may they inspire many more Muslims to perform this incredible journey, with the sharing of their experiences. May Allah (SWA) grant them all Hajj Maqbool and Mabroer and reward them abundantly for all their ibaadat and duas.


      There is a lot of challenges, difficulty, disasters, unease and suffering in our world, and I take a moment now to make dua that Allah (SWA) guides and assists us all in whatever tests may befall us, and all Muslims around the globe.   I also make a special dua for the protection of Masjidul Aqsa and our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine and other places around the globe. May Allah (SWA) grant them liberation, and may their (and our) faith never waiverÂ…Insha-Allah, Ameen


      For all who are writing, young and old, may Allah (SWA) make your studies easy for you... Insha-Allah, Ameen  




      Wishing you, your family, friends and loved ones a Jumuah Mubarak!!


      Fi amaanillah - I leave you in the protection of Allah (S.W.A.)

      Wasalaamu Alaykum Wa Raghmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu



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