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64Ashura, Muharram & Jumuah Mubarak!!!

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  • zabra_scrap
    Nov 23, 2012

      Bismillaah Slm

      Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam

       1434 Muharram Mubarak

      Even though I'd made this greeting for you ages ago, it just wasn't getting sent . . . Soo sorry for that! L


      While I may not have been getting my emails out, I have been using the Islamic new year to "take stock" of where I am verses where I had hoped to be. I'm always setting goals for myself, but am prone to getting distracted or slacking off over time, or simply letting other goals take precedence. While this bad habit isn't news to me, I'm now taking steps to make sure I STAY on track… As silly as it may sound, I've made myself a list of top priorities – not just Islamic, but also things like exercise, chores and projects too. Then I added "How'd you do in sticking your goals?" as monthly reminder on my outlook calendar…That way when it does "slip from memory" I won't wait a year before I fix things... The quicker I get back on track, the better.  But enough about me . . . Let's get to my "real" email ….


      Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the four sacred months mentioned in the Glorious Qur'ân. (Surah Taubah, v 36). Yes, Muharram is a very special and has been blessed with virtue.

      Below are a few beautiful Hadith and advice about Muharram and the day of Ashura (10 Muharram) . . .


      ·         It has been reported in both Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him), that, when the Messenger of Allah (SAW) reached Medina, he found the Jews fasting the Day of `Ashura, so he asked them, `What is this day you are fasting?' They said, `This is a tremendous day. Allah saved Musa and his people on this day and drowned Pharaoh and his people. Musa fasted it out of thanks, so we fast it too.' The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) said, `And we are more deserving of Musa than you are.' So he fasted this day, and ordered that it be fasted." [Bukhari (2004) and Muslim (1130)]


      1434 Hadith1.1 -  Ashura


      ·         The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has exhorted and encouraged his Ummah to fast on this day. He said: "This fast is a compensation for the (minor) sins of the past year." (Hadith: Muslim)

      ·         Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) said: "One who generously spends on his family on the day of Aashora, Allah will increase (his provision) for the whole year." (Hadith: Baihaqi)

      ·         It has been reported from Abd Allah ibn `Amr ibn al-`As (RA), that whoever fasts on the Day of `Ashura, it is as if he has fasted the entire year. And whoever gives charity this day it is like the charity of an entire year.

      ·         The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "The best of fasts besides the month of Ramadhan is the fasting of Allah's month of Muharram." (Muslim)

      ·         In another Hadith, Ibn Abbas (RA) reports: "that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "The one that keeps a fast in the month of Muharram will receive the reward of thirty fasts for each fast (in this sacred month)."

      ·         In another hadith, Ibn Abbas RA reports that the Messenger of Allah (SWA) said: He who fasts on the day of Arafah (9th Thil Hijjah), his fast will be a compensation for the sins of two years, and the one that keeps a fast in the month of Muharram will receive the reward of thirty fasts for each fast (in this sacred month). Tabraani, At Targheeb WatTarheeb Vol.2 Page 114.

      ·         It is mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Abbas RA that he was asked about fasting the Day of `Ashura [10th of Muharram]. He said, "I did not see the Messenger of Allah (SAW) fast a day while more avid to seek its virtue than this day (meaning the Day of `Ashura)." [Bukhari (2006), and Muslim (1132)].

      May Allah (SWA) guide us so that we may always strive to follow the beautiful advice and example of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW), and encourage our family and friends to do the same, Insha-Allah, Ameen. May Allah (SWA) wipe out all our discretions. May Allah (SWA) accept all our good deeds and reward us abundantly for them, Insha-Allah, Ameen. May Allah (SWA) keep us steadfast in all our good endeavours and help us to strive and succeed in reaping the rewards of this great month. .. Insha-Allah, Ameen


      Before closing, I ask that you please scroll down to the Appeal from Saut-ul-Qur'an Hafith Academy and pass it on to your family and friends. . . Every little bit counts… May Allah (SWA) reward you abundantly in this world and the Hereafter, Insha-Allah, Ameen


      Wishing you, your family, friends and loved ones a Jumuah Mubarak!!


      Fi amaanillah - I leave you in the protection of Allah (S.W.A.)

      Wasalaamu Alaykum Wa Raghmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu



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      Saut-ul-Qur'an Muharram Appeal

      Our objective is to get one thousand (1000) sponsors to contribute R100 each, hopefully reaching our goal by 10th Muharram 1434, Insha Allah. You are more than welcome to sponsor any amount that you can afford if you are unable to contribute the requested amount. Postdated contributions will be accepted and sponsorships can also be made directly via an EFT transfer into the following account with

      Reference: Muharram Appeal





      The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "When a person dies, his/her deeds come to an end except for three things:

      1.    Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity) - any good deed done from which people continue to benefit despite the demise of the person who originated it. e.g., the establishment of a madrassa or masjid from which people are rightly guided, or the sponsoring of a Hafith student;

      2.    Knowledge which is beneficial - knowledge imparted verbally or by any other means through which people become better Muslims

      3.    A virtuous descendant who prays for him (the deceased)." [Sahih Muslim]

      For more information, please feel free to contact Shaykh Abdul Azeez Brown on 083-511-2301 or email: azeezbrown@....  We do hope that you are able to assist us Insha Allah.


      Shukran Jazeelan

      Shaykh Abdul Azeez Brown