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65Beautiful hadith on Fasting in Muharram

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  • zabra_scrap
    Nov 30, 2012


      Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam

      While many people are aware of the great rewards of fasting on the day of Ashurah, with an accompanying day as per the sunnah of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW), not everyone is aware that the entire month holds great blessings for the person who fasts . . .


      The beautiful Hadith below shows us the high value of fasting in this month…



      It also highlights the high value given to Tahajjud salaah . . .


      Recently, a good friend of mine made a remark that got me thinking. . . It was something along the lines of: "If there's something you want and you haven't gotten up for Tahajjud, to ask Allah (SWA) for it, you didn't really want it enough"...


      That really got me thinking.. How very true!!! For it is in the last third of the night that Allah (SWA) descends to the lowest heavens asking if any of His slaves wants to ask anything of Him, so that He may grant it! And if Allah (SWA) is willing to grant our requests, surely we can make that effort… And if we're not willing to sacrifice some of our sleep for what we long for, then surely in our heart of hearts, it can't be that important to us, right?!? …


      May Allah (SWA) help us all to strive to attain the blessings of this month, as well as Allah (SWA)'s nearness, mercy and forgiveness, Insha-Allah, Ameen!


      On a slightly different note . . . For a while now I've been toying with the idea of keeping all my Islamic material (cards and messages) in one central place, separate from the rest of my scrapbooking. I'd even booked the blog address http://786inspirez.blogspot.com/ at the time, but it was only this morning that I FINALLY did my first post … In future, I'll be posting my scrapped Inspirez cards there (instead of on http://zabrascrap.blogspot.com) . . . I'd love for you to share my new blog address with your friends too J


      Wishing you, your family, friends and loved ones a Jumuah full of blessings, love success and happiness. . . Jumuah Mubarak!!


      Fi amaanillah - I leave you in the protection of Allah (S.W.A.)

      Wasalaamu Alaykum Wa Raghmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu



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