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2740RE: [ka-online] APPS for sale

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  • Gary Heath
    Sep 7, 2014

      Ooooh, now you’re playing with the boy’s emotions !!!





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      Oi - Butt out Cranners - the deal is already done.

      Ben has integrity. He will definitely be honouring his promise to sell to the first person to offer 175k - which is me.

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      Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 08:16:51 +0100

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      On 6 Sep 2014, at 22:20, "Craig Lawton craig200470@... [ka-online]" <ka-online@...> wrote:


      18-2 S MF APP 90/59 - will sell to 1st bid of 175k

      18-2 P MF APP 75/25 EXM - will sell to first bid of 120k



      Red Express


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