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143Re: SV: [king_quainton] More Tomkins from Thurcaston and another idea

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  • bagnva@netscape.net
    Apr 2, 2008
      Andy I have a film # for that will of Edwards,  LDS library #88526. I hope this is what you are looking for.  Also mentions that son Edward married a Mary and son-in-law was an Inwood which correlates with what I have.  Valerie, Oregon

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      Subject: SV: [king_quainton] More Tomkins from Thurcaston and another idea

      A long shot is that Chamberlains we connected to London and Jemima moved there with them and the Chamberlains were also connected with Quainton / Steeple Claydon?

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      Emne: Re: [king_quainton] More Tomkins from Thurcaston and another idea

      So what you are saying is that the Tomkins had to have moved to somewhere else. Question is where. Unfortunately I don't have Excel, so can't look at the file you are talking about. I went on Rootsweb and Genforum and there is nothing there that would give a clue. There are positive reason to accept this information but on the other hand, there is the St. James Westminster issue.  Yes Jemima could hav e been a servant in London, but what would draw one of her daughter back to be married at St. James Westminster? Valerie, Oregon

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      Subject: [king_quainton] More Tomkins from Thurcaston and another idea

      More Tomkins from Thurcaston and another idea

      I found an MS Excel file on the Internet which is a transcript of
      christenings from Thurcaston 1653 to 1799. Amazing what you can find!
      In it there are the following entries :-

      Thomas born to Samuel and Hannah chr 22nd March 1669

      Next generation

      to Thomas and Elizabeth.

      Samuel Tomkins chr 1st July 1695
      Thomas Tomkins chr 24th June 1696
      Samuel Tomkins chr 6th December 1697
      John Tomkins chr 31st January 1698
      ? Tomkin chr 88th July 1701 (typo but it is either 8, 18 or 28)
      Johnathan Tompkin chr 13th February 1703

      Next generation

      to Samuel and Jemima

      Samuel Tomkins chr 2nd April 1725
      Thomas Tomkins chr 6th January 1726
      Jemima Tomkins chr 1st October 1729
      Elizabeth Tomkins chr 3rd November 1731
      Thomas Tomkins chr 27th March 1733
      Hannah Tomkins chr 5th February 1734
      Dorcas Tomkins chr 27th June 1737

      There no Tomkins christening from 1737 to 1799. I would expect a
      generation to appear about 1750 to 1760. Also there should be other
      children from the second generation but none are listed.
      And here is the new idea!

      Ann Chamberlain chr 28th January 1776 to Elizabeth Illigitimate
      John Chamberlain chr 28th September 1784 to Elizabeth Illigitimate

      On futher inspection the area around Thurcaston, the villages of
      Thurmaston, Cossington, Sileby, Queniborough for example are full of
      Chamberlains. Maybe this is the link? It looks like the Chamberlain
      name goes back to the 1100s in Leicestershire. How that is linked to
      the Steeple Claydon / Woodstock Chamberlains is anyones guess.
      Chamberlain does, however, appear to be a bit like Smith in the
      1500/1600's. There are lots in every county.

      Source http://www.leiceste rshirevillages. com/uploads/ baptisms1653-

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