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187Re: SV: [king_quainton] Re: Thomas Layton King

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  • bagnva@netscape.net
    Apr 16, 2009
      Andy, it took me awhile but I found out who sent me the information on Edward Richard, it was a Neil Gregory, last Feb I received a decendency chart that was 113 pages long. It really blows his chart to pieces if you assumptions are correct. I can see your point that the second name of Layton is carried through on your findings. I think we need further colaboration, maybe one of us should contact this other person I found.  Where did you get your info?  Was it govt. records? I will take a look on Ancestry.com and see if I come up with anything there. Valerie

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      Hi Valerie, hope you course is going well.
      Thanks for the extra dates. I have added them to my tree.
      As for the Edward Richard son of Edward King, this information came from Neale Ferguson I believe. But as the new information has come in with lots of children with Layton in the name I have concluded that Edward Richard was incorrect. His children were all in NSW and did not match any other information I could find.
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