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  • Andy Hyde
    Apr 17, 2009
      Hi again Valerie,
      I received a GEDCOM from Neil Gregory 13.7.2007 where the only Edward King he had then was Edward, son of Charles and Bett Hughes. This Edward was born in 1794 and not 1792 and married Ann Marks. In this tree he had no Edward Richard. I only received a part of his whole tree but he said it was the bits relevant for the King connections.
      He was linked in via the Marks and Brazell lines to Harriet Marks and eventually up to Charles King and Jemima Tomkins via Mary King.
      My info came from three or four direct descendents of Thomas Layton and Charles Edward King and confirmed in the Australian state records for NSW, WA and Victoria. These descendents have lots of family stories that confirm the information to a degree quite unusual in Family Tree research but as a lot of the information relates to emigration and gold rush times it seems to be almost folklore and adventure passed on down the generations. Fasinating to read.

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      Andy, it took me awhile but I found out who sent me the information on Edward Richard, it was a Neil Gregory, last Feb I received a decendency chart that was 113 pages long. It really blows his chart to pieces if you assumptions are correct. I can see your point that the second name of Layton is carried through on your findings. I think we need further colaboration, maybe one of us should contact this other person I found.  Where did you get your info?  Was it govt. records? I will take a look on Ancestry.com and see if I come up with anything there. Valerie

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      Hi Valerie, hope you course is going well.
      Thanks for the extra dates. I have added them to my tree.
      As for the Edward Richard son of Edward King, this information came from Neale Ferguson I believe. But as the new information has come in with lots of children with Layton in the name I have concluded that Edward Richard was incorrect. His children were all in NSW and did not match any other information I could find.

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