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  • Andy Hyde
    Apr 17, 2009
      Hei Neale,
      I sent the link just as I received your post.
      Here is some information that is interesting.
      There is an Edward R King born in Oxford, England abt 1850 to Edward (b 1828 Berkshire, Newbury) and Mary (b. 1829 Oxford), other children Mary Sarah (1852 Oxford) and Minnie J (1858 Middlesex, St Pancras). Edward R is on FreeBMD as Edward Richard Mar Q 1850 and Mary Sarah is also on FreeBMD. They are on the 1851 census and then also the 1861 census. Edward sr and Mary are on the 1871 census but I cant find the children on the 1871 to 1901 censuses (as far as I can see). Edward Richard on your tree Neale married in 1873 and a good marriage age is 23 (i.e. born 1850). Is there an Edward R arriving in Australia between 1861 and 1873 maybe with Mary Sarah and Minnie J? I looked on Ancestry but couldn't fine any except for lonely Edwards which is not enough to proove anything.

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      Emne: Re: SV: [king_quainton] Re: Thomas Layton King

      Yep, that’s my ancestry.com stuff. I have to check my certificates, I thought I had the marriage of Edward and Emily Cannon but can’t find it to verify if it’s the same Edward Richard.

      On 4/17/09 2:01 PM, "Andy Hyde" <andy@organisingchao s.com> wrote:

      Here is my link to the Edward Richard.

      http://wc.rootsweb. ancestry. com/cgi-bin/ igm.cgi?op= GET&db=:3022466&id=I593470752


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      Emne: Re: [king_quainton] Re: Thomas Layton King

      Neale, thank you for looking into this,  please advise me when you find out something.  Valerie

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      pswan@.... au was/is the e-mail address of my wife’s cousin who gave me some of the information that’s now under consideration. I’m trying to work out where our information diverges to see what records need to be obtained to confirm/unconfirm our conclusions.

      On 4/15/09 10:50 PM, "bagnva@netscape. net" <bagnva@netscape. net> wrote:


      &nbs  p;

      Hi Andy,
      Thank you for your quick response and answers.  I  have been kind of out of the genealogy frame of mind recently as I am doing  this local history course at Exeter.  But here is some additional  information;  Mark King buried 12 Sept 1954 Berri NSW, died Mophett Vale  SA, Eliza died 5 Dec 1937, buried 6 Dec Katanning WA.  In regards to  Edward king born 1846 I have a totally different set of wife and children.   I don't know where I got them from.  But I was just looking on the  internet and there is somebody else who has Thomas and Ann with an Edward  Richard, they don't have any info more than that but their email address is  
      pswan@.... au.. I do have information on some of the other childrens famlies.  Valerie

      <mailto:pswan@ tpgi.com. au>   
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      From: andyhyde2002 <andy@organisingchao s.com>
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      Subject: [king_quainton] Re: Thomas Layton  King


      Two of Edward King  and Ann Layton' s children emigrated. Charles Edward first in 1847 to Adeliade  on the Theresa and then Thomas Layton King in 1850 on the Maria to  Sydney

      Here is what I have on the children of Charles Edward and Thomas  Layton.

      Descendants of Charles Edward  King
      ------------ --------- --------- ----
      Charles Edward  King b. 9 Mar 1829, Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, England, d. 8 May 1888,  Georgetown, South Australia, Australia
       +Maria Hunt b. Jul 1826,  Uffcott, Wiltshire, England, d. 20 Oct 1913, Henley Beach, South  Australia
      |--------1) Maria King b. 25 Aug 1855, Morphett Vale, South  Australia, Australia,  d. 31 Dec 1939, Subiaco, WA
      |--------2) Joseph  King b. 3 Dec 1856, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia,  d. 6 Feb  1911, Georgetown, South Australia, Australia
      |--------3) Sarah King b. 27  Apr 1858, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia,   d. 22 Aug  1929, Katanning, Western Australia, Australia
      |--------4) Rebecca King b. 6  Sep 1859, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 21 Nov 1915,  Katanning, Western Australia, Australia
      |--------5) Charles Edward King b.  15 Feb 1861, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 25 Dec 1861,  Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia
      |--------6) Mark King b. 29 Mar  1862, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 1955
      |--------7) Eliza  King b. 1863, South Australia, Australia, d. 1937
      |--------8) Annie King b.  12 Oct 1865, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia,  d. 17 Aug 1958,  Adelaide, S outh Australia, Australia
      |--------9) William King b. 16 Dec  1866, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 19 Jun  1935
      |--------10) Emma King b. 17 May 1868, Morphett Vale, South Australia,  Australia,  d. 22 Nov 1954, Galston, New South Wales,  Australia
      |--------11) Julia King b. 17 Aug 1870, Morphett Vale, South  Australia, Australia, d. 17 Aug 1872, Georgetown, South Australia,  Australia
      |--------12) Rhoda King b. 25 Nov 1871, Guinare, , South  Australia, Australia, d. 31 Aug 1872, Morphett Vale, South Australia,  Australia

      Descendants of Thomas Layton King sr. (b.  1819)
      ------------ --------- --------- ---
      Thomas Layton  King b. 1819, Haddenham, , Buckinghamshire, England, d. 1904, Morphett Vale,  South Australia, Australia
       +Wife 1: May Ann Broad b. 13 Jul 1816,  Maidstone, Kent, England, d. 1884, Parkes, Ashburnham County, Nsw,  Australia
      |--------1) Edward King b. 4 Sep 1846, Walworth, Surry, England,  d. 1932, Perth, Western Australia
      |--------2) May Ann King b. Dec Q 1849,  Whitchurch, Buckingham, England
      |--------3) Thomas Layton King b. 1852,  Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia
      |--------4) William King b. 1 Jul  1856, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia
      |--------5) Samuel King b.  4 Aug 1857, Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 29 Nov 1936, Minyip,  Victoria, Australia
      |--------6) John King b. 12 Feb 1860, Morphett Vale,  South Australia, Australia
       +Wife 2: Mary Ann Richards b. 1833,  Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australi a, d. 1894
       +Wife 3: Eliza  Chapman (Gorman) b.  1835
      ------------ --------- --------- ---

      Descendants of  Edward King
      ------------ --------- -----
      Edward King b. 4 Sep  1846, Walworth, Surry, England, d. 1932, Perth, Western  Australia
       +Francis Woodings (Fanny) b. 19 Sep 1849, Goodwood,  Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia, d. 1912, West Midland, Western  Australia, Australia
      |--------Charlotte Frances King b. 4 Feb 1869,  Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia, d. 1877, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Walter Edward Malcolm King b. 19 Feb 1871, Hynam, nr  Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia
      |--------Charles Frank King b. Abt  1876, Minyip, Victoria, Australia, d. 1955, Horsham, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Charlotte Marion King b. 1879, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia, d. 1970, North Fremantle, Western Australia,  Australia
      |--------Annie Matilda King b. 1879, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Herbert Andrew King b. 1884, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Ada King b. 1886, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------George William Layton Broad King b. 1 Jul 1888, Minyip,  Victoria, Australia, d. 1981, Dumbleyung, Western Australia,  Australia
      |--------Jane Harriet King b. 14 Apr 1891, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Richard King b. 14 Apr 1891, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia, d. 15 Apr 1891, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      ------------ --------- -----

      Descendants of Thomas  Layton King, jr.
      ------------ --------- --------- ---
      Thomas  Layton King b. 1852 , Morphett Vale, South Australia,  Australia
       +Sarah Ann Barker b. 1859, Ararat, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------Mary Ann King b. 1880, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------William Hector King b. 1882, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia
      |--------George Layton King b. 10 Apr 1884, Minyip, Victoria,  Australia, d. 1885, Minyip, Victoria, Australia
      |--------Charles David King  b. 22 Aug 1885, Minyip, Victoria, Australia
      |--------Agnes Jane King b.  1889, Minyip, Victoria, Australia
      |--------Samuel Herbet King b. 1891, d.  1940, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
      |--------Frederick Arthur King d. 1963,  Scone district, NSW, Australia
      |--------Emanuel Edward King b. 1896, South  Australia, d. 10 Jul 1946, Port Macquarie, New South Wales,  Australia
      ------------ --------- --------- ---

      I think  the Edward Richard and Mary Ann children to Thomas Layton and Mary Ann Broad  are a red herring. I had these at first from Neale Ferguson's tree on  WorldConnect but then these new connections with Layton Kings came up and I  revised my tree as above.
      The marriage to Sarah Ann Barker is to Thomas  Layton jr. born 1852 in Morphett Vale confirmed by the birth registrations for  George Layton (father age 32 in 1884) and Charles David (father aged 33 in  1885). The Australian birth, marriage and death records from Victoria are  fantastic. They list lots of useful information, not least the age and birth  places of parents but also all other children born to the same  couple.


      --- In king_quainton@ yahoogroups. co.uk <mailto:king_ quainton% 40yahoogroups. co.uk>  , bagnva@... wrote:

      >  Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back  to you regarding the "Kings" in Australia. I have Charles Edward King,  emigrating to Australia on 9 May 1847 Arriving on the 'Theresa' South  Australia, but also have him on the immigration index in 1850 which support  your theory that he possibly? returned to England at some point prior to  1850.? his marriage to Maria Jackson nee Hunt is listed as Manse, Bible  Christians, Gladstone SA 19 may 1853. First child born Morphett Vale 1855,  eleventh and twelfth born in Geogetown.? Thomas Layton King married to Mary  Ann Broad Dec 1845 Newington Surrey, England had two children prior to  emigrating to Australia, leaving from Plymouth 7 Mar 1850 arriving Sydney 29  Jun 1850 . Children Edward Richard, 1847, Mary Ann 1840, .Thomas? ?, William  ?. Ann ?, Samuel 4 Aug 1857 and another child unknown.? Second wife Sarah Ann  Barker m. 1874. Child Emmanuel Edward Kin g 1896.? Does any one have the birth  dates of the other? to Mary Ann. There also seem to be a lot of years  inbetween marriage to Sarah Ann and the birth of Emmanuel, are there other  children born during this time frame. Valerie



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