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212Re: Thomas Layton King jnr B 1852 Morphett Vale

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  • Jenni Ibrahim
    Apr 22, 2009

      Yes, I’ll take all the daughters’ married surnames too.


      Re Aylesbury, my second cousin nee Brenda Clark (grand-daughter of Annie King) who lives here in Perth told me that family members did visit the property over the years. It has probably gone the way of so many pastoral properties – bought over by the large pastoral companies and amalgamated. So the house may not be used at all. I’ve seen lots of old crumbling down stone homesteads in country South Australia . I think there’s a family member who has an oil painting of it and Brenda has some old photos I think. I’ll find out more if I can.


      Mark King’s family history says: The farm… is a beautiful stone house with a verandah standing all round. The garden was enclosed with a stone wall (Dad’s work) and was quite a landmark for many years, while its underground cemented tank of 50,000-60,000 gallons has never been empty. They are standing monuments to Charles Edward King’s energy and enterprise.” (Mark King, 1939)


      If (and when) you see the arid conditions round Georgetown – indeed much of this part of South Australia -  it is even more admirable.


      My great aunt Ann Winifred Wall (daughter of Annie King and William Clark) who lived to be 100 wrote in a brief version of her family history “After Maria King’s (nee Hunt) death in October 1913 at Henley Beach , Adelaide , Aylesburty estate was bought by Middleton Hunt King (son of Joseph King and Violet Welbourne).


      There is another King property in Georgetown too, called Wendover which was established by William Clark and Annie King about 1914. It could be seen from Aylesbury, lower down the hill between Aylesbury and the railway line. It was sold before 1924.