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  • Jenni Ibrahim
    Jun 21, 2009

      Hi all

      Michael asked about some famous Kings

      AAT Kings Travel was begun by the one of the South Australian Kings who descended from Charles Edward King and Maria Hunt. Brian Welbourne King (b1929-) is a member of this line and has a substantial web presence. He is a grandson of CE King’s son Mark King and son of Charles Leonard King who is I think the one who started Kings Travel. It went bust in 1978 and I think it was sold off although the name remains.


      http://www.users.bigpond.com/Welly/Brian%20King's%20Family%20History%20-%201792-2002.pdf a document written by Brian about 2002 covering his own family history including the starting of the travel business by his father (CL or Len King).


      http://brian2587.fotopic.net/c61965.html  Some lovely old photos including Edward King and Ann Layton of Quainton


      Don’t know anything about the origins of Stephen King or Bernard King. Try Wiki. Sometimes their articles about famous people have links to their family of origin.



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