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  • andyhyde2002
    Jun 27, 2009
      Hi to our new members. I think I've had four requests in the last week. I see some have Australia e-mail addresses so I see we have awakened interest down under. My guess is this is a connection to the Layton-King line. If your from other lines, wlecome just the same.

      We are all King hunters descended from one or several lines of Kings from Buckinghamshire in the UK.There are at present at least 4, and most liky more, unlinked lines from the same area of Middle Bucks around Quainton, Steeple Claydon, Winslow etc.

      You'll find links to the publically published trees in the links section and several documents with information in the files section.

      There a database link that may be used for posting queries linked to specific people that many of us are after answers too. It hasn't been used much but we're learning still.

      There are several photos from Buckinghamshire in the photos link and these can be freely downloaded and used in your tree programs.

      Mostly the only condition in using information is to credit it to the person who posted it. This is not for priase or glory but it you find it to be incorrect later in your research it is nice to let the person who posted it know therby increasing the quality for everybody.

      We are geographically spread. I am in Norway, there are many from the UK, from the US and Canada and Australia (sorry if I forgot someone)

      Please feel free to post an intro letting us know where you fit in.

      I am descended from Anthony King (ca 1570 Steeple Claydon) and also Thomas Layton (1753 Quainton). Anthony's offspring after several generation ended up in Winslow, Bucks where one of them William King (1789 Winslow) married Sally Layton (1802 Quainton) in Quainton and ran the villiage grocers shop.

      Andy Hyde
      KingRing moderator