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257Re: SV: [king_quainton] Busy on the King line

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  • bagnva@netscape.net
    Aug 18, 2009
      I don't know Andy, I think is has been cooler this year.  I have just returned from Egypt where I go every year as my daughter lives there and it was much cooler on the north coast, other year I have been able to site on the beach till after sunset in the wind without feeling cold in a wet bathing suit.  I am now back in Oregon and we are going to have a heat wave this weekend. Valerie

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      From: Andy Hyde <andy@...>
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      Sent: Sat, Aug 15, 2009 2:15 pm
      Subject: SV: [king_quainton] Busy on the King line

      Sounds great Michael. I'd love a copy of the GEDCOM. Any chance too of a hint to what is new as finding it maybe difficult as your tree is no doubt getting quite big! I'm glad that my tree came in use too.
      I've not been active with my tree during the summer as there is always something else to do while the days are so long. As the nights draw in I'll get back in front of the computer. I see you have tipped a few more King connections about the King Yahoo group. Thanks for that. I'll think about starting some discussion topics starting at the top of our connected lines to make sure we all agree with the information in the tree. I think we now have so much information that confirming it from all the sources we have will be useful.
      All the best from a now much colder Norway, Thurday it was only  5 deg. C when I went to work!, and it is still supposed to be summer.

      Fra: king_quainton@ yahoogroups. co.uk [mailto:king_ quainton@ yahoogroups. co.uk] På vegne av Michael Ross
      Sendt: 15. august 2009 17:13
      Til: king_quainton@ yahoogroups. co.uk
      Emne: [king_quainton] Busy on the King line

      Hi All,
      Have been busy for the last month and a half,  have processed 600 emails on genesreunited for links to King information that I inputted from Andy Hyde's tree.  All that work has yielded about 350 more entries on my tree.  I have downloaded the information to my tribalpages tree tonight.  If you want an updated copy of my gedcom file  (3mb),  please let me know.
      Michael Ross
      Melbourne Australia
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