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  • Mike Ward
    Feb 27, 2010

      Hi Michael


      Thanks for access to your tribal pages family tree.   My line is from Edward and Elizabeth (the Tailor line).  By the way, my grandfather’s parents were definitely Robert and Elizabeth – my cousin Mary (Hollies) remembers our grandfather Walter Friday King well  as she is 20 years older than me.   I met her last year after not having contact for 55 years – it’s amazing to meet someone after such a long time.   I have contact with several other cousins from both sides of my family, some of whom I have never met before.    It’s very exciting to see their photos and to talk over the years.  One cousin is coming over from Canada to meet me in August.


      Has anyone else found someone after such a long time??


      Regards to the Group


      Sue Ward (nee King)


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      I have my main tree on genesreunited. com but download monthly to 3 free sites.


      My free tree at tribalpages is available at http://rossmcdonald vic.tribalpages. com/tribe/ browse?userid= rossmcdonaldvic&view=9&rand=602364415  access code 'diggers'


      I am an Australian descendant of King, Thomas Layton 1819 - 1904


      Michael Ross
      Noble Park Melbourne Australia


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      Welcome Mair

      How wonderful that you have joined us. It is great to have that direct Quainton connection. Have your ancestors simply never moved away, or did someone come back?

      I am descended from one of the two Australian lines. My great great grand father was Charles Edward King (1829, Aylesbury – 1888 South Australia ), son of Edward King (1792 Quainton- 1881 Weedon)  and Anne Layton (1793 Quainton- 1867, Aylesbury). CE King was a pioneering wheat and sheep farmer in South Australia and obviously felt such affection for his homeland that he named his farm property Aylesbury. The location is near Georgetown at http://maps. google.com. au/maps?f= q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=aylesbury, +georgetown+ sa&sll=-33.359782, 138.394089&sspn=0.240014, 0.485115&ie=UTF8&hq=aylesbury,&hnear=Georgetown+ SA&ll=-33.360804, 138.395162&spn=0.015001, 0.03032&t=h&z=16

      Another family farm was called Wendover.

      Your forename Mair seems to have a Welsh and Hebrew origin. Are there any connections in your family from these sources?


      Perth , Western Australia

      - looking forward to a King family reunion in Australia some time in future

      Michael Ross
      Noble Park Melbourne Australia

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