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279King Mailing list - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

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  • Michael Ross
    11 Dec 06:42
      Hi King Mailing List. - Your serial pest here!
      Welcome to the new improved mailing list.  My grandmother was Dulcie Maude Gust nee King.
      Stats on the King's,  the mailing list has 129 members, the family tree currently has 3546 descendants of Anthony King 1570 including their wives.  Let me know if you want a copy of the Anthony King descendants gedcom file,  it is 2.7mb in size or 509kb Windows Vista compressed file.
      As another year comes to a close,  may your festive season be happy and 2011 brings you enough of everything you wish. 
      If you have any birth, death or marriage details for 2010 let me know and I will add them to the family tree.  Our hearts are with those who are missing people at Christmas this year. 
      As always,  a free copy of the family tree is available at http://rossmcdonaldvic.tribalpages.com -  access code 'diggers', if you see any missing info,  let me know.
      If you wish to join the Yahoo King group email king_quainton@....  If you wish to join the Kings of Bucks group on facebook add me as a friend facebook.com/MichaelThomasRoss.
      Ho Ho Ho





      IF YOU SEE A FAT MAN ... 




        Who's jolly and cute,







      Wearing a beard and

      a red flannel suit, 









        And if he is chuckling 

      and laughing away, 









        While flying around 

      in a miniature sleigh,





      With eight tiny reindeer 

      to pull him along, 








      Then let's face it...






      Your eggnog's too strong!




      Merry Christmas and

      a Happy 2O11







      Michael Ross
      Noble Park Melbourne Australia

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