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287Travel log and pictures from Australia

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  • Andy
    Jul 21, 2013
      Very lapse of me but it is time I wrote a few lines after our trip to Australia with several King activities.

      We started in Perth where we were met at the airport by Jenni Ibrahim, a descendent of Edward King and Ann Layton. A few days later we attended a picknic in where else other than King's Park in Perth where Jenni had invited lots of Kings for an informal get together. We were almost 40 relatives. A fantastic afternoon.

      The next King activity was in Adelaide. Driving back from Kangeroo Island to the city we stopped in at Morphett Vale on the off chance that there was a church with some headstones and to our surprise there was. A stone for John King and Sarah Holly (grandson of Edward and Ann) was centrally placed.

      The main activity in Adelaide was a meeting with Edward King with whom we had agreed to travel to Aylesbury, the home of Charles Edward King and Maria Hunt. Edward lived at the farm until 1950 when he was 9 years old.

      We drove out to the farm which is in Georgetown and there we were met by the current owner who let us in and showed us around. The place is pretty derelict now after a number of years being vacant.

      We explored the district where the Kings lived from the 1870s and picked up lots of interesting information from the people and places we met.

      I've posted some pictures in the Photos section.

      Thanks to all who made our visit possible and so enjoyable.