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76RE: [king_quainton] Valerie's file

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  • Jenni Ibrahim
    May 20, 2007

      Hi all

      I have not been reading email for 3 weeks as I’ve been away. Luckily I haven’t missed much on the King-Ring, it would seem! I have skimmed through the will of John Hughes that Valerie posted recently. I wonder why the heading is 1807 while the date in words near the end seems to say 1800. Any ideas?

      I’m afraid I have no new information or ideas to add but will soon be caught up with my work so I can spend some time looking at what’s been posted and trying to figure things out a bit.

      When I was away I met up with a 4th cousin on another line (not King). I had met this woman through my family history research and was delighted to find that she lived in Australia too – 3,500km away, but still in Australia . We’ve been in touch by phone and email for some time and I met her for the first time last year, albeit briefly. This time I was in her neck of the woods and stayed with her for a couple of days. She presented me with framed copies of very old pictures of our common ancestors who were born about 1800 and died around 1880 in the Scilly Isles, Cornwall .  They are the oldest ancestors for whom I have photos. The pictures must have been taken in their latter years and are a sort of beige-orange colour in background with brown print. Not sure if they are sepia, daguerreotypes or what. They are photos taken of the originals.

      It was such a weird and happy feeling looking at my great X3 grandparents. In the great X3 grandfather I see a particular resemblance to my own paternal grandfather. Has anyone else had this feeling of connection with the past through an image?



      Western Australia

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